BREAKFAST AT ULTREÏA Posted June 3, 2020


Whether it is the GR 10 or the Camino de Santiago, the hike for the day is strenuous, and one to be undertaken with good reserves of energy. This is why, at Ultreïa, we take especial care with breakfast. 2 to 3 services : the 1st one at 7h or 30 minutes before the sunrise and the second one at 8h for those who leave later for Orisson for instance.

We will offer you, with the rules of social distancing, a complete continental breakfast with local products :

Hot drinks : milk, coffee, an assortment of teas, chocolate, chicorée, herbal teas

Orange juice

Cereals (corn-flakes, porridge) with fresh milk, yoghurt

Fresh bread, egg, fruit, butter, jam.