In the Spanish albergues, there is always a solution to be found, persist a little with the hospitalier…and then, if that doesn’t avail you and you do not want to walk further, there remains a magic solution, but shhh!…Don’t tell everyone: leave the Camino !

The Camino today in Spain is a ribbon 800 kilometers long and 100 meters wide…but as soon as you diverge from it, after a few hundred meters you will find again traditional Spain: open, welcoming, and also wanting to benefit just a bit from the overflow from the Camino. Knock on doors and ask the person who answers if he or she knows someone who houses pilgrims, specifying clearly “for pay” (so that they do not believe that you are a “Coquillard”/beggar). You will then have magical encounters, rediscovering an authentic way of pilgrimage and a wonderful welcome, while giving pleasure to your hosts and letting them earn a little money. You will have a hard time leaving the next morning !

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