The iconography of the Camino always portrays the pilgrim with a stick or pilgrim’s staff. In the Middle Ages, its use was justified for four reasons: to defend oneself against the malcreants who wanted some of the contents of one’s purse; to ward off dogs and wild animals; to sound the depth of rivers; and to knock down fruits from trees.





Today, the staff, or rather the walking poles, have become a fad which is absolutely not justified by the walking conditions of the Camino. If normally you walk without a stick, do not encumber yourself as if it were an obligation. An exception, however, is in Nordic walking and its special poles which prove to be highly effective, but only if one knows how to use them !


And, if you like walking with a pole, why not take one from your home or even better find one one the way, which will besome your companion and that you will be very proud to leave with thousands of other ones at the pilgrim office of Santiago …