Egun on, Bonjour, Buenos dias,

Nathalie is pleased to welcome you in her house in the heart of the Basque Country, where inhabitants are bilingual or even trilingual, in a famous Compostella halt since the Middle Ages, at the gates of the Pyreneans and Spain.

Located near the church of St Jean Pied de Port, the ULTREIA gite (Ultreia means “Forward!” ie pilgrims Latin interjection to encourage themselves) is an 18th old completely renovated cosy house. Its timber frame facade is caratheristic of the 18th construction style.

The entire team welcomes you and hopes to see you soon for sharing with you the usual friendliness and good mood of the region.

Nod to Bernard and Fafa, happy retired people, who created in 2010 the Ultreia gite. From 2015, the family atmosphere remains with Nathalie, Argitxu and Laure taking care of you now.

Passionate about mountains and the Basque Country, Nathalie took over Ultreia after having worked among other for 7 years in Hendaye tourist office, starting point of the Camino del norte and the trekking route GR10. Nathalie discovered in 1994 the green Basque Country and the Camino in Bilbao as an Erasmus business student at the Universidad del País Vasco/Euskal Herria Unibertsitatea.

Briton from the mythical Brocéliande forest, Nathalie has always walked since her childhood, first with her family in her forest (student she was a tourist guide), and then in the mountains on the alpine routes. She also knew the mountains from her childhood, at the 2 Alpes ski resort where her family, who had lived in the valley, liked to return regularly.

After her university studies in Rennes and in Bilbao in business economics, she began her career in alpine tourism, then continued in commercial and financial management in industry, tourism and in a community of municipalities. Following a continuing training in Grenoble in green and white mountain tourism, she moved in 2005 to the Pyrenees where each mountain pass is a passage to the Galician capital of Santiago de Compostela…..

Rich with its friendships from all backgrounds and encounters, she is also a tour guide in the Basque Country and volunteer mountain guide with the French Alpine Club (CAF) of Bayonne. She also practices climbing with her husband, CAF climbing instructor.

Vertes Montagnes & Cie In 2015 she created her small seasonal company Vertes Montagnes & Cie to introduce visitors to a living Basque Country from her gite in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, surrounded by  Green Mountains (Vertes Montagnes).