A large number of new pilgrims have never been in a gite (an hostel) or mountain refuge.

Here are the main rules to know for Ultreïa but also for the albergues in Spain


We receive pilgrims and hikers from 16h00 to 22h00 (16h30 to 22h30 on sunday night and bank holidays, we wait for the last 22h08 train)

Curfew is at 22h00, when the outside door is closed.

Between 22h00 and 6h00, showers are not allowed; move about, if necessary, with your flashlight.

Breakfast is served 30 minutes before sunrise, 6h00 being the earliest in summer. 2 to 3 services take place: the 1st one 30 min before the sunrise and the last one at 8h00 for those who go to the refuge Orisson and those who stay in the gite.

Out of respect for others’ sleep, and because it is not necessary, we do not allow departures at the crack of dawn! except for the first 6h train.

Rooms must be vacated by 8h30, except for those who will be sleeping a second night at the gite.


The kitchen is very well equipped, and is a available to all from 18h00 to 21h30.

Each person washes, dries, and puts away the things he has used, and leaves the kitchen neat and orderly.

On a hiking trail, everyone sorts their waste to preserve the environment. Containers for cardboard boxes, plastics, caps for the disabled, glass and a compost bucket are at your disposal on the patio.



Smoking in our gite, including on the patio and balconies. The gite is completely non-smoking.

Pets: cats, dogs, parrots…for reasons of hygiene.

Hiking and bicycles shoes or boots (even if they are clean!) on the upper floors, to keep them clean and free of noise and odor. Please bring sneakers, flip flops, sandals…

Meals or drinks in the bedrooms.

Backpacks on the blankets or bedsheets, for reasons of cleanliness and to avoid the spread of bedbugs. You have special plastic boxes to put them in.

Washing laundry in the bathrooms. A laundry sink with hot water is available on the terrace.

Waste depots without selective sorting. Please help us, be “Green”!, participate in the recycling (bins on the floor) of plastic bottles, caps for the disabled, paper and clothes. Before you leave your home, prefer the metal water bottle or water bag you will fill in the gites to the plastic bottles and don’t bring too many clothes you will have to leave (our advice for preparing your backpack).



Bicycles, carts…

Groups up to 15 persons; reservations for several days.

Packages sent before your arrival; or we will hold items for you until your return.