YOUR OWN! Other than times of very high heat, when it is better to leave at dawn (but not before !) and to avoid walking in the height of the afternoon heat, walk as it pleases you !

Don’t force yourself to walk with others who don’t necessarily have the same rhythm or interests as you do !

Don’t force yourself to complete a specific stage: pause to drink in the wonders of the Camino; take a long break at midday in the shade, your feet in the water of a stream to reduce their swelling; take a siesta…

Stop in the evening when you want to and when it seems good to you !

You will see, some days you will walk only 15 kilometers, even less … Other days you will be very surprised to see that you have walked 30 or 35 kilometers and even more, essentially when it is raining !

And then, if on the last day, you have not had the time to arrive at the place which was your original goal, is that so unfortunate? Isn’t is worth more to have fully benefitted from the extraordinary period of freedom which the Camino still gives us, rather than having stressed oneself, having rushed, having passed one’s time on the telephone reserving, canceling, re-reserving….?

You will thus have the pleasure of returning to walk further on your Way !