It is important to be aware that the Roncesvalles step with a passage at 1450 m, is a mountain stage and that it must be prepared with all the precautions, particularly about the weather report.

Whatever is the season, it is imperative to inquire the day before about the weather conditions. Even in the middle of summer the weather conditions can be dangerous: fog, thunderstorm, strong winds…

On April 24th, 2019, 23 pilgrims were rescued from hypothermia due to high winds. Bring warm clothes for the mountain.

Pilgrim towards the pass of Lepoeder in the fog on June 12th!

Do not trust in what is said on “radio camino” in the way, often even hundreds of kilometers before.

Wait to arrive in St Jean and prefer the local information emanating from the people who live in the country, and particularly from your private hosts; they know the way and their mountains by living around and will assume all their responsibilities before sending to you at high altitude.

They will inform you about the weather forecast and the way conditions, they will give you advice on your clothing, your material …


Since the evening and every morning, we show at breakfast time the weather report in the kitchen of Ultreïa. This morning there, our pilgrim was looking down …

Here are some sites which you can also consult, but do not worry you, we do it for you every day:

The live weather report and the forecasts for SAINT JEAN PIED DE PORT  (170 m)

The live weather report and the forecasts for COL DE BENTARTE    (1337 m)

The live weather report and the forecasts for RONCEVAUX   (944 m)

The live weather report and the forecasts for CAMINO FRANCES