Another idea to cross Pyreneans and discover them …

Number of walkers start hiking in this majestic Pyreneans crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea by the mythical mountain path GR 10.

870 km and especially a total of 52 000 meters of difference in height !

Indeed, the GR10 gets down again almost every evening towards places of life and for provisioning, that makes coming down in valley and accumulating meters by ways not always very interesting and more and more often tarred.

Other Pyreneans crossings have been added to the GR 10 in the years 65. Two other mythical paths were created. The GR11 Spanish side (which does not come down every evening this low) and the HRP (High Pyrenean road). Also numerous well marked local GR exist on both the French side and the Spanish side.

Then why not knitting a route between these GR10, GR11, HRP … according to your desires, your form and according to your technical mountain skills, that will allow you to realize your crossing by optimizing the cumulated meters?

As far a we know, no documentation exists on the subject, it remains to establish with all the blogs which bloom on internet.

We throw the idea …

Confucius said:

“All men think that happiness lives at the top of the mountain while it is in the way of climbing it.”

Same for the Way of Compostela……

If you are tempted , the site dedicated to this big and beautiful adventure GR10 will interest you : and also the site regarding the HRP,

Consult also the site of the association of Pyreneans gites which lists the accommodations on this beautiful crossing and as well the various sections with extracts of French IGN maps,

You need a guide for discovering the Pyreneans, we warmly recommend you :

Caroline, mid-mountain guide for the Camino or the local hikes, will make you discover with your family and friends the beautiful basque mountain. Caroline, as the former founder a transport company on the Way, knows very well the Camino and the GR10.