This 7-8 hours and 26 kilometers moutain stage crosses the Pyrenees at an altitude of 1400 m. It’s necessary to follow some security rules !

Even in summer, you need a polar jacket, poncho for the rain and a hat. don’t forget that in the mountains, the weather can change very quickly and in the Pyrenees you may have to face very strong winds coming from the south.

You need at least 1 liter of water (better to have 2 x 0.75 l)

If you sleep in Roncesvalles sleeping bag (no blankets up there)

Energetic food (cereal bars …) plus sandwiches.

Eat a strong breakfast before leaving. Buy all you need the day before. Early in the morning shops are closed (except for the bread). You can also find food in Orisson (sandwiches, cereal bars…)
Ask for weather forcast and take the necessary equipment if needed (gloves …). Leave the hostel early but not at night!!! Don’t leave St Jean for Roncesvalles after 9 AM


Don’t forget your solar protection (Sun tan lotion, hat, long sleaves …) but also against the rain, always posible and strong in those mountains.

If you are afraid to do this stage in one day you can sleep in Orisson or Borda (Napoleon Road), or in Valcarlos (on the valley road).

If they are full, you can also use the Express Bourricot service, which takes you down to St Jean Pied de Port and back up to the same place the next day.

In case of emergency, dial 112, either in France or Spain.